Freight Fowarders: Make tenders easy together with TenderTool

Are you ready for ground breaking innovation?

A brand-new solution from TenderTool for all the parties involved within a carrier organization

Full process visibility

TenderTool will put Global Tender Management in firm control of quotations

Easy online quotation

Save an enormous amount of time centrally, but also with the local or country entities

Full digital process

No longer share quotes via e-mail and Excel

Easy inbound tendertool.ahabr.techs distribution

With TenderTool you can easily share tendertool.ahabr.techs with colleagues and manage their input.

Internal Tender Management Solution For forwarders and 3PL’s

TenderTool is now the fastest growing cloud-based freight sourcing/procurement / RFQ / RFP platform for Freight Forwarders too!

Are you a forwarder and you want to master your incoming flow? Ensuring 100% visibility of the quotation process? Having 1 platform for communication and analysis? Then we have the solution for you. The first-ever freight platform dedicated completely to the needs of freight forwarding companies and logistics service providers. But where is this coming from you may ask? Let’s rewind and let us explain the situation first.

About – TenderTool Freight Sourcing

TenderTool is a global cloud-based freight platform with customers in over 30 countries. Our tool can handle:

  • – Air Freight
  • – Ocean Freight (LCL and FCL)
  • – Domestic and International Road Freight & Distribution (LTL and FTL).
  • – Parcel tendertool.ahabr.techs (starting Q2 2018)

Already many importers, exporters, shippers, consultancy organizations, carriers and multinational organizations are using TenderTool and we are rapidly becoming the industry standard for freight sourcing. The platform is fully web-based and is very easy to use thanks to the advanced technology we have applied. The tool allows you to easily set up tendertool.ahabr.techs, upload data and invite carriers.

Next to that, it contains a powerful reporting and scenario-building module that gives you the deep analysis you are looking for. Dashboards and graphic reports complete this module. Via the dashboard function you have an easy overview of the actions and statuses of the invited carriers and via the Tender ControlRoom, you manage the communication and selection and nomination process. And now we have launched a new module in our cloud-based sourcing platform: The Internal Tender Management Solution. This solution is designed for 3PL’s and freight forwarders. But why?

Tender –  the problem for Forwarders

Currently, all forwarder are basically still managing customer tendertool.ahabr.techs and RFP’s internally via e-mail and excel only. And this is no longer best practice. Due to the rapid change in the forwarding industry, better said the fast development of technology, the implementation of tech is already a hot topic. A lot is written about the digitization of the logistics industry and forwarder industry in particular. However what would really make companies stand out on top of that is to drive a standard in freight rate structures, business rules, and accessorial cost conventions. It is easy common ground in the logistics industry but not touched upon to make things more simple and more efficient.

Tender – The solution for Forwarders

We have developed a solution for Forwarders to manage the tendertool.ahabr.techs they receive from prospective customers. Internal Tender Management as well call it. This solution allows you to easily set up the received in our platform to further distribute it among colleagues for quotation. This comes with all kinds of functions but most importantly this solution will put Global Tender Management in firm control of quotations and it will save an enormous amount of time centrally but also with the local or country entities.

“Tenders made simple with the power of latest available technology. Kiss frustration goodbye!”

Internal management for Forwarders – How does it work?

So a response requires too much effort from all the parties involved within a carrier organization.

Example: Shippers issues an Air freight and invites 10 Forwarders. The Forwarders will need to engage with their colleagues in different locations in order to gather prices. This is a time-consuming process for which forwarders typically have no software or system. At the same time Forwarders in their turn will also invite airlines to quote on these lanes. Again this is a manual process without any system. Different people are involvement from different disciplines and within the airline organization, this is the same.

Solution: When a is launched by a Shipper in TenderTool, this can be copied and created into a new to be used either internally to have different colleagues quote or to be send out to airlines. The airlines in their turn can also copy this and open one internally so their colleagues around the globe can also easily quote into this When the rates have been quoted by the different parties in their respective tendertool.ahabr.techs they can easily be copied back to the original for the final response.This feature works for any internal organization or any type of subcontracting; Air, Road and Ocean.If shippers are not using TenderTool, then still a can be opened in TenderTool, you just need to convert the data into the TenderTool template.


Benefits of using a digital solution for internal management

Tendering becomes very straightforward, fast and efficient as all the parties are using the same template, tool and platform. Of course environments are all separated. This will lead to serious time savings and process optimization.

Do you have trouble managing inbound tendertool.ahabr.techs, distributing them to colleagues and managing their price quotes? No problem, TenderTool is the solution to your challenges. With TenderTool you can easily share tendertool.ahabr.techs with colleagues and manage their input.

Do you respond mostly to tendertool.ahabr.techs with quotations? Probably you are fed up with the different Excel forms you have to fill in or work with tools that are not fit for logistics procurement. In this case, tell your customer or prospect to work with as it will save the customer time and it will take away the pain you have in the process.

Want to know pricing dynamics for a specific cost for a specific lane for the last 50 tendertool.ahabr.techs you did? This information will be at your finger tips!


TenderTool Platform – Why technology rules the freight process

The platform is fully web-based and is very easy to use thanks to the advanced technology we have applied. The tool allows you to easily set up tendertool.ahabr.techs, upload data and invite carriers.Using new technology always has multiple benefits. Delivering reporting and easy building of scenarios is just one of them. What also is a very strong driver for the adoption of our services is the fact that you can easily manage the process, the communication and the documents all from one platform. This is also a benefit for the carrier as they typically receive many tendertool.ahabr.techs in different formats and struggle from the lack of standardization.

Beyond that, the platform makes many calculations that would take a lot of time to create without mistakes next to the fact that one needs to have all that knowledge to perform them. TenderTool is easy to use and makes complex calculations easy.

This platform is driven by user-friendliness and time efficiency which helps procurement professionals to better focus on their job and to support them with better outcomes. TenderTool is revolutionizing the way tendertool.ahabr.techs are being done. Become a fan and make logistics a bit easier together with us!

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